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Expo Facebook Login

    If using Expo, first you need to follow the setup instructions.



    1. Head to developers.facebook.com and set up the login.
    2. Update app.json to look like the following:

    { "expo": { "sdkVersion": "27.0.0", "privacy": "unlisted", "name": "Exposition", "icon": "./assets/icon.png", "version": "1.0.0", "slug": "nodular-exposition", "facebookScheme": "<% fromFacebook %>", "facebookAppId": "<% fromFacebook %>", "facebookDisplayName": "Exposition", "ios": { "bundleIdentifier": "com.nodular.exposition" }, "android": { "package": "com.nodular.exposition" } } }

    1. Install the ExpoFacebook common js module.
    2. Update the code flow for Amplify to be similar to the one provided from their website:

    FB.login(function (response) { // Check if the user logged in successfully. if (response.authResponse) { console.log("You are now logged in."); // Add the Facebook access token to the Cognito credentials login map. AWS.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({ IdentityPoolId: "IDENTITY_POOL_ID", Logins: { "graph.facebook.com": response.authResponse.accessToken, }, }); // Obtain AWS credentials AWS.config.credentials.get(function () { // Access AWS resources here. }); } else { console.log("There was a problem logging you in."); } });

    1. Ensure auth is added to the project wsmobile user-signin configure and selecting Advanced > Add Facebook.
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    Expo Facebook Login


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