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Hello Shave

    Have you ever run into the issue of grids breaking when content input is too long? While there are a number of solutions to restraining height on elements, one that I like comes in Shave from the Dollar Shave Club.


    # npm npm install --save shave # or yarn yarn add shave


    Incredibly simple.

    // code omitted for brevity import shave from "shave"; // restrain height to 70px const selector = ".shave"; const height = 70; shave(selector, height);

    Before vs after

    Issue beforehand

    Issue beforehand

    Issue after

    Issue after

    Hello is a series that is about short, sharp examples. Read more on this series to find small gems to add your toolset.

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    Dennis O'Keeffe

    • Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I am a professional Software Engineer. Formerly of Culture Amp, UsabilityHub, Present Company and NightGuru.
    I am currently working on Visibuild.


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    Hello Shave


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