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JavaScript Naming Conventions

    [verb = required][verb = null][noun = null][preposition = null][noun = null]

    Verb examples

    • get
    • save
    • fetch
    • throw
    • remove

    First noun examples

    • user
    • image
    • data
    • item


    • from
    • to

    Second noun examples

    • database
    • table
    • copy

    In usage

    The [noun][preoposition][noun] may not always need to be used and simplicity is the goal if possible.

    // high specificity examples [verb][noun][preposition][noun] getUserFromDatabase(); saveUserToDatabase(); saveImageToTable(); fetchRestaurantFromCopy(); // omitting the preposition and second noun [verb][noun] removeItem(); getResult(); // omitting all except verb [verb] signIn(); signOut(); signUp(); // using the first verb [verb][verb] confirmSignIn(); confirmSignUp();

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    JavaScript Naming Conventions


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