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Java Lambda Functions

The basic gist is to generate a interface with the lambda signature, then explicitly create a function preface by the interface type.

This will allow you to call the lambda function as a instance method.


// src/main/java/ interface Anon { String helloWorld(); } interface AnonInt { int sum(int a, int b); } class Lambda { String hello() { Anon anon = () -> "Hello, World!"; return anon.helloWorld(); } int sumOnePlusTwo() { AnonInt anon = (int a, int b) -> a + b; return anon.sum(1, 2); } }

As for the test file:

// src/tests/java/ import org.junit.Ignore; import org.junit.Test; import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals; public class LambdaTest { @Test public void testLambda() { assertEquals("Hello, World!", new Lambda().hello()); } @Test public void testLambdaSum() { assertEquals(3, new Lambda().sumOnePlusTwo()); } }

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