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PHP Unit Testing

Published: Feb 9, 2019

Last updated: Feb 9, 2019

    This is simply a basic example of the layout.

    Ensure phpunit is downloaded and add it to your $PATH.

    From, here run phpunit.phar path/to/test.php.

    Basic example

    Anagram function to test

    <?php // anagrams.php function anagrams($a, $b) { $regA = preg_replace("/[^a-z]/i", "", $a); $regB = preg_replace("/[^a-z]/i", "", $b); $regA = strtolower($regA); $splitA = str_split($regA); sort($splitA); $regB = strtolower($regB); $splitB = str_split($regB); sort($splitB); $resA = implode("", $splitA); $resB = implode("", $splitB); return $resA == $resB; }

    Running the test

    phpunit.phar anagrams_test.php

    <?php // anagrams_test.php require "anagrams.php"; class AnagramsTest extends PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase { public function testAnagramsBasic() { $a = "tokyo"; $b = "kyoto"; $this->assertEquals(true, anagrams($a,$b)); } public function testAnagramsWithCapitals() { // $this->markTestSkipped('Skipped.'); $a = "Tokyo"; $b = "kyoto"; $this->assertEquals(true, anagrams($a,$b)); } public function testAnagramsWithPunctuation() { // $this->markTestSkipped('Skipped.'); $a = "To 35k 2@4yo"; $b = "kYoTo223!!"; $this->assertEquals(true, anagrams($a,$b)); } }

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    PHP Unit Testing


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