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Python Binary Search Trees

    Test file

    Create file binary_search_trees_test.py:

    import unittest import binary_search_trees from binary_search_trees import Node class BinarySearchTreeTest(unittest.TestCase): def test_bst_insert(self): root = Node(5) root.insert(8) root.insert(1) root.insert(3) self.assertEqual(root.data, 5) self.assertEqual(root.right.data, 8) self.assertEqual(root.left.data, 1) self.assertEqual(root.left.right.data, 3) self.assertEqual(root.left.left, None) def test_bst_contains(self): root = Node(5) root.insert(8) root.insert(1) root.insert(3) self.assertEqual(root.contains(5), root) self.assertEqual(root.contains(8), root.right) self.assertEqual(root.contains(1), root.left) self.assertEqual(root.contains(3), root.left.right) self.assertEqual(root.contains(13), None) def test_bst_validate(self): root = Node(5) root.insert(8) root.insert(1) root.insert(3) self.assertEqual(root.validate(), True) root = Node(5) root.right = Node(3) root.left = Node(10) self.assertEqual(root.validate(), False) if __name__ == '__main__': unittest.main()


    Create file binary_search_trees.py.

    """ Basic Binary Search Tree using a Node class """ class Node: def __init__(self, data, left=None, right=None): self.data = data self.left = None self.right = None def insert(self, data): """ Takes data => integer value """ if data < self.data and self.left: self.left.insert(data) elif data < self.data: self.left = Node(data) elif data > self.data and self.right: self.right.insert(data) elif data > self.data: self.right = Node(data) def contains(self, data): """ Check if BST contains a certain data point and return Node """ if self.data == data: return self elif data < self.data and self.left != None: return self.left.contains(data) elif data > self.data and self.right != None: return self.right.contains(data) return None def isValid(self, node, min=None, max=None): if min != None and node.data < min: return False elif max != None and node.data > max: return False elif node.left and not self.isValid(node.left, min, node.data): return False elif node.right and not self.isValid(node.right, node.data, max): return False return True def validate(self): return self.isValid(self)

    Running tests

    Change into directory and run python3 -m pytest -v binary_search_trees_test.py.

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    Python Binary Search Trees


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