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Anagrams in JavaScript

This blog assumes a global install of mocha, although that can also be installed locally. chai is also required as the assertion library - install as a dev dependency.

Writing tests

In anagrams.mocha.js:

const lib = require("./strcmpSolution"); // const mocha = require('mocha'); const chai = require("chai"); const { expect } = chai; describe("check lowercase of two strings are anagrams", function () { it("should handle basic anagram", function () { const res = lib.anagram("race car", "racrace"); expect(res).to.equal(true); }); it("should handle punctuation", function () { const res = lib.anagram("race car", "RACE! CAR!"); expect(res).to.equal(true); }); it("should handle non-anagrams with different lengths", function () { const res = lib.anagram("test", "testa"); expect(res).to.equal(false); }); it("should handle non-anagrams with same length", function () { const res = lib.anagram("tests", "testa"); expect(res).to.equal(false); }); it("should handle anagrams with varying char length", function () { const res = lib.anagram("rrracb", "abcrrrr"); expect(res).to.equal(false); }); });


In index.js.

const anagram = (strA, strB) => cleanStr(strA) === cleanStr(strB); const cleanStr = (str) => str.replace(/[^\w]/g, "").toLowerCase().split("").sort().join(""); module.exports = { anagram, };


Change into directory and run mocha anagrams.mocha.js.

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