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Running Detox With Expo

    Setup guide can be found here


    Ensure Node is 8.3.0 or higher.

    Install applesimutils:

    brew tap wix/brew brew install applesimutils

    Install detox-cli:

    npm install -g detox-cli

    Getting Started

    1. Yarn add

    yarn add detox detox-expo-helpers expo-detox-hook

    2. Add the following to package.json

    "detox": { "configurations": { "ios.sim": { "binaryPath": "bin/Exponent.app", "type": "ios.simulator", "name": "iPhone 7" } } }

    …and to the scripts object:

    "scripts": { "e2e": "detox test --configuration ios.sim" }

    3. Download IPA

    Fetch the IPA file from here

    4. Copy e2e files

    Fetch/copy files from Github

    Using Detox

    A basic example of incorporating some useful detox calls:

    const { reloadApp } = require("detox-expo-helpers"); describe("Login flow", () => { beforeEach(async () => { await reloadApp(); }); it("should login successfully", async () => { await device.reloadReactNative(); await expect(element(by.id("email"))).toBeVisible(); await element(by.id("email")).typeText("john@example.com"); await element(by.id("password")).typeText("123456"); await element(by.text("Login")).tap(); await expect(element(by.text("Welcome"))).toBeVisible(); await expect(element(by.id("email"))).toNotExist(); }); });

    The element can be selected by making the most of using the testId — for example, the following test button has ID hello_button:

    <TouchableOpacity testID="hello_button" onPress={this.onButtonPress.bind(this, "Hello")} > <Text style={{ color: "blue", marginBottom: 20 }}>Say Hello</Text> </TouchableOpacity>

    Running the tests

    Finally, to run the test we can run yarn start in one terminal and yarn e2e on the other to run the e2e script. Note that you need to have live reload disabled, so better to also put the app into production mode before running the e2e tests. This can be done from the terminal following the instructions to set production mode.


    You may need to add the --reuse flag to the e2e script. At the time of writing, the current version 0.55 is having issues on iOS with hanging. The requirement at the moment is that you have to open and close the Expo window. See this GitHub issue for more info.

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    Running Detox With Expo


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