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Redux Persist With React Native

    yarn add redux-persist redux-persist-sensitive-storage

    import { persistStore, persistReducer } from "redux-persist"; import storage from "redux-persist/lib/storage"; import { PersistGate } from "redux-persist/es/integration/react"; // if you need to persist import createSensitiveStorage from "redux-persist-sensitive-storage"; Amplify.configure(config); const sagaMiddleware = createSagaMiddleware(); const enhancers = []; const reducers = combineReducers({ copy: CopyReducer, auth: AuthReducer, navigation: NavReducer, }); enhancers.push(applyMiddleware(logger, reduxNavMiddleware, sagaMiddleware)); // persist updates const persistConfig = { key: "primary", storage, whitelist: __DEV__ ? ["CopyReducer", "OffersReducer", "StoresReducer"] : [ "CopyReducer", "ProfileReducer", "OffersReducer", "StoresReducer", "LoyaltyCardReducer", ], }; const configuredReducers = persistReducer(persistConfig, reducers); const store = createStore(configuredReducers, composeEnhancers(...enhancers)); /* if you need sensitive storage */ const persistor = persistStore(store, createSensitiveStorage(), () => console.info("Persist configured") ); /* else */ // const persistor = persistStore(store); export default class App extends Component { render() { return ( <Provider store={store}> <PersistGate persistor={persistor}> <ReduxNavigation /> </PersistGate> </Provider> ); } }

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    Redux Persist With React Native


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