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How To Use NPM ES Modules With Deno

July 23, 2020

Deno has the ability to consume ES modules. Thanks to this, we can utilise Pika’s Skypack CDN to install and run any of our favourite NPM packages on the CDN that support ES modules!

Installing a module

In our example, we are going to install and run a short XState example in Deno. I will write more on XState in future posts, but for now we are using this as an example of “picking an ESM module from Skypack CDN and getting it going”.

First, head to the Skypack CDN website and search for your favourite NPM package to see if the corresponding ES module is available.

Searching XState on the Skypack CDN website

Running an example

In a new directory, create a new file touch index.ts and add the following to the file:

import { Machine, interpret } from ""

type State = {
  value: string

// Stateless machine definition
// machine.transition(...) is a pure function used by the interpreter.
const toggleMachine = Machine({
  id: "toggle",
  initial: "inactive",
  states: {
    inactive: { on: { TOGGLE: "active" } },
    active: { on: { TOGGLE: "inactive" } },

// Machine instance with internal state
const toggleService = interpret(toggleMachine)
  .onTransition((state: State) => console.log(state.value))
// => 'inactive'

// => 'active'

// => 'inactive'

The code above it the example “Hello, World!” code found on the XState website with a minor type State added and used on the onTransition function.

From here, we can simply run the code with deno run index.ts and voilà! We have a working XState package!

> deno run index.ts
Compile file:///Users/dennis.okeeffe/Project-Imposter/blog-repos/deno-xstate/index.ts

Rinse and repeat for any ESM packages you can find on the Skypack CDN. Happy coding!

P.S. this is easily my shortest post to date. If you prefer these quick tips, let me know and I will do more as I go along through my work day.

Image credit: Brian McGowan

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