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Build September 19 2018

August 19, 2018

In earnest, today was pretty busy between work and outside commitments… so I ended up taking a quick route with the final build after work today and forgot to use the new things I was working on.

The images themselves come from Pexel which I rediscovered thanks to Product Hunt and Pexel release a mobile version which ranked in the top 5 product releases for the day. Highly recommend as another option if you need some image placeholders. The theme was Japan — my favourite holiday destination.

The site ended up reusing some of the split column components I built on the train in previous days but I also added in some ipsum blog pages to sit as placeholders to make sure that today’s build wasn’t a single page website like the previous two.

Desktop view

Mobile View

Check out the final site at

Build is a series that is about personal project builds. These vary from small practise topics to large scale projects.

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