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Reselect Quick And Dirty

May 25, 2019

Quick and dirty implementation of reselect. This assumes you already have the requirements for Redux installed and in operation.


This link below is a great reference for indepth if you need more than a friendly reminder.

Dan Parker - Medium article

Installing Reselect

yarn install reselect

Basic Implementation

// Reducer file
import { createSelector } from "reselect"

/* Creating the Selector in reducer file */
const getElementsUi = state => state.sidebarReducer.elementsUi

export const getElementsUiState = createSelector(
  elementsUi => elementsUi

// In file calling mapStateToProps
const mapStateToProps = state => ({
  elementsUi: reducers.getElementsUiState(state),

const mapDispatchToProps = dispatch => ({ dispatch: dispatch })

export default connect(

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