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Tip: Making Directories Recursively With Python

This is Day 8 of the #100DaysOfPython challenge.

Today's post is a quick overview of making directories recursively (if they do not exist).

Getting started

Let's create the hello-recursive-dirs directory and install Pillow.

# Make the `hello-recursive-dirs` directory $ mkdir hello-recursive-dirs $ cd hello-recursive-dirs # Create a file for our script $ touch main.py

Using the OS module to create folders recursively

The OS library has a function makedirs that can be used to make directories recursively.

In this example, let's create the folder tmp/deep/folder.

Add the following code to main.py:

import os new_folder_name = 'tmp/deep/folder' if not os.path.exists(new_folder_name): os.makedirs(new_folder_name)

Run the script with python main.py and confirm that the folder was created.

Resources and further reading

  1. OS.makedirs

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Tip: Making Directories Recursively With Python


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